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YETI Phone
​YETI Phone Study

The purpose of this study is to help researchers better understand why some teenagers develop psychotic symptoms, while others do not. Psychotic symptoms include hearing voices, having beliefs that other people do not share, or having difficulties concentrating and thinking clearly. To learn about this, we will study thinking patterns, stress responses, and social relationships. Researchers hope their findings will lead to better ways to prevent psychotic disorders in young people. Recruitment is currently ongoing!

ProNET Study
ProNET Study

The ProNET study is a network of 26 international sites aiming to improve the ability to identify youth at risk of developing psychosis along with better understand why some young people are more likely to develop psychosis. Researchers hope to refine at-risk syndrome with the goal of developing personalized treatment decisions. We will study these questions through measures including clinical interviews, biological assessments, and cognitive testing. Recruitment is currently ongoing.

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We are an inclusive lab; we affirm youth and adults of all genders and sexual identities. We’re working towards a world that recognizes and celebrates the unique gender and sexuality of every member of our community.

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